A Dream Dressed in Black

A Dream Dressed in Black


A Dream Dressed in Black

I often wonder what the world would look like if the ancient cultures of the past had survived repeated attempts to have their faiths banished from popular practise through colonisation.

Did the ancient Mexican culture and religion die during the conquest by the Spaniards in the 16th century, and are the remaining indigenous populations simply fossils, condemned five hundred years ago to disappear because they have no place in the present?

The liberty of the past, the golden age before colonial domination, is not a dead past lost forever, but the basis of hope. In the cycle of time that age will come again.


Director: Daniel Sadgrove
DP: Kenji Katori
Steadicam: Juan Matias Ramos
1st AC: Aura Gonzalez Salazar
Steadicam Asst: Tania Barajas
Camera DIT: Cristian Sanchez
Line Producer: Jesus Franco, Brenda Zamudio
1st PA: Lucy Suarez
2nd PA: Arturo Tamayo
Makeup: Eve Magnn
Runner: Maria Fernanda Flores


Trinidad Villaseñor, Edith Hernandez Ramos, Cristian ‘Chile’ Lopez, Ignacio Del Rio Ocegueda, Jose Mejia, Effy Betancourt, Gustavo Guerrero Lopez, Arturo Tamayo, Yadira Linda Mariscal Gracian, Miguel Angel Gaitan Alvarado, Daniel Osmar Guerrero López, Aldrich Guilleromo Ayron Marcial, Alan Eduardo Gomez Chavez, Marco del Rio Ayon Marcial, Angel Ayohualli Gaitan M. & Jose Alejandro Juarez A.


Editor: Grason Caldwell Parallax Post
Color: Kath Raisch Company 3
Music: Lorn Wednesday Sound
Sound: Kinsey Green
VO (Nahuatl): Ana Gabriela Reus
VO (English): Ólafur Darri Ólafsson

Special thanks

Lucy Suarez, Cristian ‘Chile’ Lopez, Benjamin Suarez, Ihxel Pérez, Storm Richardson, Nick Fuller, Debbie De Le Ceuva Jewellry , Nathalie Mignot, Pacha Mama Boutique, Casa de Linda, Gabriel Jones, Wendy Jones, Casa Vecino, Lucy Mejia, Jose Mejia, La Esperanza Restaurant, The Lift Mexico, Spencer Harris, Esteban Ponce, Angela Herrera, EFD International & Hugo.

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